GH Frecknall & Co Ltd
Established 1897
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GH Frecknall & Co Ltd


G H Frecknall and Co (UK) Ltd

G H Frecknall and Co Ltd are a leading UK based narrow fabrics and industrial sewing threads suppliers. These products include shoe components and packaging materials such as:

  • Elastics;
  • Eyelets;
  • Woven Tapes;
  • Plastic Bags;
  • Laces;
  • Twines;
  • Zips.

Formed in 1897, G H Frecknall expanded until the 1950s, due to the footwear industries, which dominated the East Midlands, mainly Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

Since then, the company has diversified more into narrow fabrics and industrial sewing threads. Our aim is to stock all consumable components, related to the sewing and allied industries, thus maintaining our position as leading UK based suppliers of industrial sewing threads, narrow fabrics and similar articles.

Our range of industrial sewing threads includes:

  • Polyester / Cotton;
  • Corespun Threads;
  • Soft or Satin Finish;
  • S and Z Twist;
  • Braided;
  • Lubricated.

We also have a wide range of narrow fabrics trimming components such as eyelets, fastenings and elastics in a wide range of colours and lengths. Besides our core areas of narrow fabrics and sewing thread, we are also suppliers of materials suitable for packaging purposes, including carton stripping, polypropylene twine and braided Nylon.