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Ideal Tape Range (ABI TAPE)

G.H.Frecknall & Co LTD are the sole UK stockist and suppliers for Ideal Tape (ABI Tape).

We supply various styles of tape including but not limited to:

A small range of our in demand tapes..

Nylon Tapes

Sturdy and flexible with a low initial stretch and exceptional resistance to tearing. Obtainable in thicknesses of 0.13mm, 0.22mm 0.24mm and 0.20mm Available in 50m, 55m and 100m rolls with widths from 3mm upwards. Colours included Optic White, Natural White and Black.


Tearable and good for holding and fixing applications. Available on 50m or 55m rolls with widths from 3mm.


Supplied with self-adhesive or non-self- adhesive for use in edge-lining machine.

Topline tape comes on spools from 500m-2000m.

Bias Binding

Bias tape or bias binding is a narrow strip of fabric, cut on the bias. The strip's fibres, being at 45 degrees to the length of the strip, makes it stretchier as well as more fluid and more drapeable compared to a strip that is cut on the grain.

Tack Seal & Tack Seal Machines

Tackseal 900 is a transfer adhesive system on a liner which allows easy and clean transfer of adhesive to a component, prior stitching. Tack Seal Machines are available upon request.

Stay Tapes

Trustay TM is a spun bonded non woven tape that is extremely strong in both directions. It also has very low stretch and so will provide a degree of stiffness where required.

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