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We supply a vast array of different types of thread in various colours.

Our range includes: Rasnat Oxell, SabaC, SabaTex, SabaFlex, SabaSoft, Serafil, Rasant, Rasant Oxella, Premium GD, Rasant GD, Mercifil, SeraBraid, Onyx, Strongbond, Strongfil, Oxcel, Meta, Topfil, Texturan, ISA, Serabond, Techx, and Bobbins.

Specialist Threads are available upon request.

Waxed Hand Sewing Thread available in an array of colours.

Please see below PDF's of all shade cards.

For more information please email info@frecknall.co.uk


  Onyx Colour Card  (pdf 2,057 kB)

  Strongbond Colour Card  (pdf 985 kB)

  Belfil - S Colour Card  (pdf 1,570 kB)

  Isacord Colour Card  (pdf 2,942 kB)

  Isamet Colour Card  (pdf 1,647 kB)

  Rasant Sabatex Colour Card  (pdf 2,610 kB)

  Rasant Oxella Colour Card  (pdf 1,595 kB)

  Sabac Coarse Tickets  (pdf 911 kB)

  Sabac Sabatex Colour Card  (pdf 3,393 kB)

  Sabaflex Colour Card  (pdf 863 kB)

  Sabasoft Colour Card  (pdf 3,720 kB)

  Serabond Colour Card  (pdf 3,280 kB)

  Serafil Fein Colour Card  (pdf 2,815 kB)

  Serafil Colour Card  (pdf 1,324 kB)

  NC Tech Colour Card  (pdf 319 kB)

  N-Techcs 70 Colour Card  (pdf 311 kB)

  N-Techcs 80 Colour Card  (pdf 310 kB)

  PP - Tech Colour Card  (pdf 474 kB)

  LT4 Terrier Lasting Colour Card  (pdf 567 kB)

  Silver Tech Colour Card  (pdf 224 kB)

  Steel Tech Colour Card  (pdf 218 kB)

  Strongfix Colour Card  (pdf 667 kB)

  Topfil Colour Card  (pdf 512 kB)

  Serafil Fein Colour Card  (pdf 2,815 kB)

  Xtreme Tech with Dyneema Colour Card  (pdf 641 kB)

  Transfil Colour Card  (pdf 616 kB)

  Texturan Colour Card  (pdf 442 kB)

  Serafil Colour Card  (pdf 1,324 kB)

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