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We supply a range of webbings from polypropylene to linen webbing.

Polypropylene Webbing

Good general purpose webbing, suitable for many applications, it is easy to sew, can be used with eyelet and rivets. Polypropylene is available in a wide range of colours. Has a good abrasion resistance, resistant to most chemicals*. This webbing has some is difficult to ignite and burns slowly also has up to 25% at break point.

Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing has high tenacity; it has a very good abrasion resistance

This webbing performs well in low temperatures and can be dyed to any shade * (subject to MOQ)

Nylon webbing is difficult to ignite has a melting point approx. 260 degrees C

Excellent UV resistance has good chemical resistance to alkalis the webbing is very durable and has a long life. Nylon webbing has a breaking point at approximately 20%

Polyester Webbing

This has a high tensile strength, an excellent abrasion resistance.

Polyester webbing is very difficult to ignite, has a melting point around 260 degrees C

Excellent resistance to UV and resistant to most chemicals* Polyester webbing is excellent for use in wet applications i.e. Marine Trade, Awnings, and tents. This webbing can be dyed to most shades and has best colour fastness properties *(subject to MOQ)

Cotton Webbing

Cotton Webbing is ideal for clothing applications, absorbs moisture without feeling damp, stands up well to repeat washing.

Can be dyed to any shade *(subject to MOQ) - Very resistant to alkalis, this webbing is relatively strong, increases in strength when wet. Available in FR finishes

Elongation is approximately 10-15% at break.

Aramid/ Glass fibre webbing

This Webbing is suitable for very high temperature applications. Up to 550 degrees C,

Has an excellent resistance to most chemicals

Available in a wide range of widths and thicknesses

Jute Webbing

Very strong flexible fibre, this webbing can be dyed to most shades

and commonly used for upholstery applications.

Nylon Webbing

High quality natural fibre made from the flax plant, has a high tensile strength product, especially when wet. Available in Natural or Dyed Yarn, it is long lasting and durable, used in many high quality products, including Luggage, Saddlery and Apparel trades.


*please note MOQ & Lead Times will be involved with all webbings – for further enquiries please contact us*

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